Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Fruita Quickie

So the trip to Fruita lasted all of 2.5 days. No matter, it was a relief from the stress of work and Summit County. I experienced sun, wind, rain, and hail while riding. Didn't stop me from having lots of fun though. Didn't take as many pictures as I thought, but here is a collection - from both the trip and a few from work over the past couple weeks.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Doesn't it seem like a majority of bloggers tend to have lapses in posts? Well it seems that about this time every year I remember that I have this thing but have neglected to update it. In this case since Tom came out with his brother and Fluffy.

Well the past season in as few words as possible:
1) No snow.
2) Lots of work.
3) Can count powder days on 1 hand.
4) New bike waiting in Iowa.
5) My iPod died.
6) Not moving, yet.
7) Might have a new job.
8) Actually using the Bookface - why this one lacks.

And a few pictures to let you know how my April is going, more media to follow.

There has been bike riding.


My office for the month of April and the last half of May.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I get an email from Tom first thing in the morning that his ski trip has chosen Breckenridge as base camp this year. I trade out skis and put away the back country gear and head south to meet up with them.

The resort lived up to it's nickname as the wind howled on all four peaks. Despite the obvious problem of windchill the snow was decent and the company was great, looking forward to a couple hours with them on Saturday at Keystone.

Bundled up while screwing around on the T-Bar.

Always a welcoming face when you open the door.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Controlled Falling

Half a dozen laps split between Ripsaw and Spider first thing in the morning means shaky legs on the way home. Getting better at mastering the controlled fall through the moguls. You don't ski these things, you fall through them while trying to avoid the ground.

Moguls gave way to the aspens, much nicer tree skiing than that of Summit County. No low hanging branches on the pines to deter your line, just the branchless aspens steering you down the mountain.

With legs like linguine, I needed a stop for some caffeine before the drive home. The only disappointment was the 3-0 loss in broomball.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Into the Fog

I awoke to all the snow reports in the area reading between two and four inches. Then it was off to the webcams and CDOT cams. Vail Pass looked snowy and so did the top of Sun Up, I was head over the pass today for some more turns at Vail.

Conditions were awesome, or crappy, depending on who you rode with on the chair. I will go with the former as will my new friend I made on High Noon. We lapped the chair a couple times together and both decided that although there was a definite crust under that few inches of fluff, it was pretty damn good skiing.

The outside parts of the feet started to get to the point of ice bricks and the wind was biting my face. After four hours of powder hunting I decided it was time to head to the front side and get back to the truck. Stopped to buy the essentials for some chili, now off to tend to that.

Friday, January 29, 2010

First Trip of 2010

Earlier this month I headed to San Francisco to visit Liz and then it was off to Donner Pass. The snow, like so much of the West, was sub par. But the company was good and fun was had.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tasting Bergman and Erickson

Last week Erickson opened up and even though it is mainly south facing and somewhat horrible snow, it was worth a peek. Snow was slightly rotten but still fun.

Jeffey de-icing after the hike.

Our line goes just to the left of center,
through the small break in the trees.

Out of the open and into the trees.